Bike to Mary is undergoing maintenance with the goal to be fully ready by January 2017.



Bike To Mary was founded in 2013 by Christopher M. Pundzak. The annual event is a 200 mile bike pilgrimage from Holy Hill in Hubertus, Wisconsin to Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  The journey takes pilgrims of all ages through the beautiful countryside of Wisconsin during the month of June. There are many opportunities for prayer and joyful fellowship along the way.

This five day event is a pilgrimage and not a race. Each day offers participants the opportunity to deepen their faith and grow closer to Jesus. For some bikers, this has been a life changing experience. The road is not without challenge and there will be parts of the pilgrimage that will be difficult to complete without prayer. While we aren’t tied to a tight timeline, we try to reach our end of day destination in a reasonable time period.

Christopher’s goal for Bike to Mary is to make many more people aware of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse.  An equally important theme for the pilgrimage is to promote a pro-life message.

There are many different ways for people to become involved throughout the planning season; all the way up to when the tire meets the pavement in June!  The more people we have helping behind the scenes, the better it will be.  We invite Catholic parishes to form their own sponsorship along the way, in order to provide meals and/or lodging for pilgrims.  If you can’t join us in biking or driving, consider joining us for morning Mass, a meal stop along the way, or Eucharistic Adoration, when available.